Superfast Broadband

Broadband in rural Yorkshire is a bit of a challenge - the wires are old and some junction boxes have suffered the ravages of time and mechanical damage by passing hedge flailers. However for West Rounton things improved markedly in 2014 when fibre to cabinet was enabled on the East Harlsey exchange.

Unfortunately only those 01609 exchange codes living in East Harlsey or West Rounton will actually benefit. Welbury and East Rounton will miss out for the time being (and very possibly forever).

If you want to see the map of predicted availability visit the Superfast North Yorkshire website and click on the map link for Rountons on East Harlsey exchange. I am not impressed that their detail map doesn't display right any more. It used to work correctly until recent "improvements".

You can see the latest details for East Harlsey exchange or check the capabilities of your own phone line.

Benchmark the speed of your own connection to the internet (opens a new window):

BT Customers

Non BT Customers (BT Wholesale)

Independent Speedtester

I am interested to know what sort of speeds and reliability people who have switched to FFTC aka BT Infinity services in West Rounton are experiencing. Speed and relibility is likely to be best at the South end of the village and deteriorate with distance from St Oswald's church moving northwards.

Much more technical but if you are having connection problems and want to understand a bit more about the nuts and bolts of ADSL connections and what you can do to help yourself get the best ouf of a rural phone line this site Kitz has some useful advice about how to interpret sync speeds, IP profiles and BRAS settings as reported by the BT advanced diagnostics.

Not actually phone line based broadband but for those wanting a backup internet connection for business use there is some Orange/EE 2.5G coverage and Three 3G coverage over parts of East and West Rounton. It works best if you are on a hill. Take the official coverage maps with a big pinch of salt. A national map (out of date) of the local mobile phone masts is available at the Ofcom sitefinder  - put your postcode in and zoom out one step (I would be interested to know of any other local masts not listed there).