Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 15 March 2010 at 7.30pm.

  Present:   Cllr A Simpson: Chairman, Cllr C Spencer: Vice-chair. Cllr M Brown (acting clerk), Cllr M Brook, Cllr M Robinson. One member of the public.  

1. Apologies for absence. Apologies were received from County Councilors Tim Swales, Stephen Dickens & Bridget Fortune   

2. Chairman’s Announcements and declarations of interest. There were no announcements or declaration of interest

3. Minutes of the last quarterly meeting held on 9th December were read and approved.

4. Matters Arising
Storage cupboard – a secure space has been identified in the Village Hall. Flooding at Tettle Corner reported but no news (exceptionally bad weather caused it) Police Community Support Officer – contacted but no reply No volunteers for replacement Parish Clerk. Hambleton DC – precept submitted and accepted.

5. Welbury Show
Sue Mc Donald was asked to describe the Welbury Show which last year allowed residents of Rounton to enter all classes with a view to possibly holding it alternately in Rounton and Welbury village halls. Statistics 60 classes about 350 entries at 20p per class for adults 10p per class for U16. Computerised data entry, totaling up and certificate generation. Sample forms shown to members. Staging from 8.30 to 10.30 then judging and open to the public from 2.30-4pm. Plus a day to set up. Judges: Ian Murdock, Sheila Grainge, Lynda Breckon, Val Thompson, Ann & Derek Lawton Admission: Adults £1 Children 50p. Raffle and auction of exhibits after the show is over. Own bank account with £250 to stage the show and raised £63 last year which is split between church and VH. Agreed Martin & Anne to go and take a look at the Welbury Show operation this year, with being involved in some of the preparation that needs to take place ahead of the day.

5. Planning Matters (see Appendix A)
Dabs Bank outline planning resubmitted with additional supporting material. Expected to go to full committee on 1st April. Local support from neighbours in W Rounton. We can send a representative to speak for up to 3 minutes Martin or Anne to go if available. Ivy Cottage approved. Roots approved.

6. Correspondence Received since last Meeting (see list) Items requiring decisions or action
6.1 Rural Action Yorkshire – Meeting 7pm 24th March “Participatory Budgetting”. Clerk to go.

7. Fourth Quarter Accounts and Items for Payment (see Appendix B)
Bank mandate has gone through. Statements now go to Mike Brooks. No items for payment this quarter. Actual expenditure slightly below budget. After 5th April account to Ron Semain for preparation of report to external auditor Mazars. Paperwork for this has arrived. Observed that bank interest rate 0.1% and a £5k reserve balance. Motion to move £4k into Northallerton Branch of Yorkshire Building Society Treasurers Account to get better interest rate. Will need a formal motion voted on with correct form of words at next meeting.

8. Winter Gritting
NYCC withdrew grit bins from White House Wynd ramp in West and Brick Lane junction in East. Both are steep gradients with poor visibility so unclear what criteria they use to decide. Will put them back but want a significant annual fee (~£50 each). Salt costs £5 cwt sack so need a couple of containers. But need to check our liability if salt is provided and runs out or is used unwisely. If OK, then do it. Malcolm Robinson said he had some suitable plastic storage drums. Gritting and snow ploughing in West was inadequate but have no photographic evidence to prove it. East was generally kept clear although gritting was sporadic and sometime non-existent. Letter from the leader about winter weather was not well received. Pothole damage to roads from frost freeze thaw. Repairs this year are unlikely as they are now short of money due to the bad winter weather.

9. Police Neighbourhood Profiles
Doesn’t look relevant to small villages. Anne went to meeting which was poorly run. Looks like Yorkshire wide initiative to tick boxes. Not very useful to us in a rural setting. Await developments if any. Ask Community Officer to come along and explain the advantages.

10. Adjournment for Member of the Public to raise matters None

11. Any Other Business
11.1 Footpath East to West on West side of the beck near bridge large rabbit hole in middle of path. Land likely to be Hutchinson’s or Angus Gaudie’s. Martin to ring them and ask for repair.
11.2 Appleton Wiske Wind farm action group want to hold an Auction of Promises and are looking for volunteers to make offers of promises. None were forthcoming.
11.3 Clerk noted again there were no Police Reports this quarter. Chase community officer.
11.4 Noted that Stan Taylor has bought the Horseshoe pub in West Rounton and is renovating it. And also that the Grey Horse pub is up for sale.

12. Time and Date of Next Meeting Next meeting will be on 14th June 2010 7.30 pm to allow time for Parish Magazine to reach Parishioners. Meeting closed 9.05pm