Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7 December 2009 at 7.30pm.

Present:   Cllr A Simpson: Chairman, Cllr C Spencer: Vice-chair.  Cllr M Brown (acting clerk) , Cllr M Brook, Cllr M Robinson.  County Councilor Dickens and zero members of the public.

33. Apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from County Councilors Tim Swales & Bridget Fortune

34. Chairman’s Announcements and declarations of interest.

There were no announcements or declaration of interest

35. Minutes of the last quarterly meeting held on 28th Sept were read and approved.

Minor correction A19 Bridge should read West Rounton bridge.

36. Matters Arising

36.1 Still need to buy a cupboard for Parish records (no donations offered after advert in Parish mag) Agreed that the Chair would look for one suitable to leave in the village hall. MTB to provide dimensions. Motion to spend at most £100 for this item. Proposed Anne Simpson, Seconded Mike Brook. Agreed.

36.2 West Rounton bridge damage reported has been repaired.

All other matters are on the agenda.

37. Planning Matters (see Appendix A)

Noted here that County Councilor Bridget Fortune has offered to come and give a talk on planning procedures in the spring of next year.

Grey Horse and Dabs Bank both refused and the parties may wish to resubmit and/or appeal against the decisions (they have 6 months in which to do this). Ivy cottage will go before the committee on Thursday and be approved subject to holiday cottage access by road uphill from the bridge. Ashcroft replacement garage application has been approved as submitted. Home Farm application new so no details yet.

38. Correspondence Received since last Meeting (see list)

Items requiring decisions or action

38.1 Police Neighbourhood Profiling want a volunteer – RSVP 15 Dec. Anne Simpson will respond.

38.2 NYCC Budget Consultation- members feedback taken after meeting. Martin Brown will reply.

38.3 Some 3x30 Health & Fitness Initiative posters to put up.

39. Third Quarter Accounts and Items for Payment (see Appendix B)

Since Glen left the bank has not yet updated the details from the bank mandate. No bank statements have been received so numbers are impossible to check. Apart from items listed in the previous meeting minutes no other cheques have been issued. Therefore provisional estimate of balance is unchecked.

There were no items for payment.

40. Revenue Budget (see Appendix C)

Precept for 2008/9 was set at £900 and actual spend is estimated to be £870 year to date against a total  income of almost £1200 thanks to a VAT refund of (£148.72). Model for 2010/11 shows that we can manage budget without increasing the precept this time.

Council moved a motion to approve the precept of £900 for 2010/11.

Proposed Anne Simpson and Seconded Chris Spencer and agreed unanimously.

Martin Brown will communicate this decision to Hambleton District Council

41. Parish Clerk Replacement

Glen having moved house adverts for a new Parish Clerk were put in the Parish mag. No volunteers have been found and none of the qualified clerks wanted to take the job on even for money (minimum wage).

Chair will enquire about Welbury. Martin Brown to ask David Occleston if he is interested. Otherwise try a small advert in the D&S, NY News or Hambleton Times. Martin Brown will continue as acting Clerk.

Glen estimates clerks work is about 80 hours annually which if we had to pay for it would be about £500. There is enough budget reserve in the bank that we could pay a clerk if one could be found.

42. Adjournment for Member of the Public to raise matters - None

43. Any Other Business

43.1 Sheila Granger reports bad flooding at T junction “Tettle Corner” near Garden Centre last Sunday which was very wet with prolonged rain for two days. They lost significant trade as a result. Exceptional conditions that weekend and flooding also at both bridges and the long stretch near Hollins.

Email to Highways about this. We were also offered sandbags by Hambleton DC (declined)

43.2 Manholes out of level near Horseshoe Pub in West Rounton. NYCC-Highways to be contacted

43.3 Chris Spencer noted one odd sodium lamp remains near the church.

43.4 Chair congratulated Roots farm shop on its first birthday and winning awards for Best Newcomer and Best Breakfast in the food categories. And also Stamfrey Farm best food producer for their Cream.

43.4 Clerk noted no Police Reports this quarter. Apparently they were still going to Derek and are now finally going to Glen just as he moves on. Anne will email appropriate Police contact. Also noted that Community Support officer visits Appleton Wiske regularly but still hasn’t been to Rountons.

Request visit.

44. Time and Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting will be on 15th March 2010 7.30 pm to allow time for Parish Magazine to reach Parishioners. (Could do 22nd or 29th Easter is 4th April).  Meeting closed 8.30pm

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