Minutes of the meeting held on the 28th September 2009at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, East Rounton.


Present: Cllr A Simpson (chairman), Cllr C Spencer (Vice-chair), Cllr M Brooks, Cllr M Robinson and Clerk Mr G March.


District Councillors Mrs B Fortune and S Dickens  ,also  three members of the public.


 22. Apologies for absence


County Councillor  T Swales and Parish Councillor M Brown.


23. Chairman’s announcements and declarations of interest.


The  Chairman announced that the  Clerk  will be leaving the Parish Council towards the end of October  and moving house to Durham. Thanks were given to  Mr March for his work over the past eighteen months to update the Parish Councils procedures and finances.


There were no declarations of interest.


24.Minutes of the last quarterly meeting held on the 29th June 2009.


The minutes of the meeting ,copies of which had been previously circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


25. Matters arising.


Item 51 (2008/9) Public concerns regarding road maintenance. 


In the absence  of a detailed response from the County Council  to the public concerns ,the Clerk had pursued the matter. An E mail from the area 2 office had now been received which stated that the repairs were now on hold pending the return of favourable weather conditions next year.


It was agreed that Councillor Brooks would contact the area 2 office to express the Councils disappointment  with the general handling of this problem and the delay involved in carrying out appropriate repairs.



26.Planning matters.


The Council noted the position with the following planning applications:-


(a Swann House .  Change of use of land for the siting of  touring caravans------APPROVED

(b) Grey Horse Inn.  Change of use public house to dwelling---- Likely  REFUSAL .

( c) Dabs bank. Outline application for construction of dwelling---  Out for  consultation .

(d ) Ivy Cottage. Change of use of ancillary accommodation to holiday cottage --Out for consultation




27.Correspondence received since the last meeting.


Thirty five items of correspondence had been received and dealt with as appropriately . Attention was drawn to the County Council Local Transport Questionnaires ,which were completed at the meeting and the Hambleton  District Council ,Cycling to Health Initiative currently posted on the notice boards.







28 Final accounts 2008/9 and external auditors report.


The external audit of accounts for 2008/9 had been completed and there were no matters of concern  regarding relevant legislation or regulatory requirements. The conclusion of audit notice will be posted on the notice boards for the next 14 Days.

29.Second Quarter Accounts 2009/10 and items for payment.


The Council Approved the accounts  up to the 7th September 2009 with a  financial balance of £5252.08. In addition , the items listed below were passed for payment.


 Mazars Llp                                        External audit Charge                               £ 57.50


Village Hall Committee.                    Contribution to web site operations           £50.00 


T Harrison                                          Annual vegetation control  on County 

                                                           Council Footpaths/rights of way               £100.00


Petty Cash                                         Administrative cash float                            £15.00



30.Revenue budget 2010/11.


Preliminary discussion s  took place  concerning next years budget and likely impact on the Parish precept. The main issue under consideration was the need to find a   experienced replacement Clerk in the abscense of  a suitable volunteer. Advice received from the Associatin of Local Councils indicated the need to look into the financial reimbursement of the Clerk in future which could be expected to increase Parish Costs by upto £500.


The Council agreed to investigate the options available to engage a suitably experienced Clerk or to share  the costs of Clerks services with an adjacent Parish Council.


31.Adjournement for members of the public to raise matters.


Two members of the public present wished to make representations to the Parish Council  about  a recent planning application  for Ivy Cottage currently out for consultation  . The concerns expressed were noted for consideration as part of the Parish Councils  reponse  to the consultations with Hambleton  District Council . District Councillor B Fortune who was present at the meeting agreed to report the representations to the  Planning Officer involved.


32. Any other business


A report had been passed to the council about damage sustained to some brick work on the  bridge over the A19 . Cllr Brooks agreed to forward the report to the County Highways Service for inspection.



Date and time of next meeting.                                                           



Monday   7th December 2009 at 7.30pm.