Minutes of the meeting held on the 29 June 2009 at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr A Simpson: Chairman, Cllr C Spencer: Vice-chair. Cllr M Brown, Cllr M Brook, Cllr M Robinson. Clerk Mr G March. County Councillor T Swales and eight members of the public.

11. Apologies for absence. - None

12. Chairman?s? Announcements and declarations of interest.

Prior to the meeting at 7.00pm a? tree? had been planted by former Councillor D Lawton? in recognition of his twenty plus years service to the local community.

There were no declarations of interest.

13. Minutes of Annual General Meeting? held on the 25th March 2009.

The minutes of the AGM held on the 25th March ,copies of which had been previously circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

14 . Minutes of the last quarterly meeting held on the 9th March 2009.

The minutes of the meeting held on the 25th March, copies of which had been previously circulated to members were confirmed as a true record

and signed by the Chairman.

15. Matters arising.

Item51. Public concerns regarding County Council Road maintenance.

No member of County Council staff was available to attend the meeting . However an E-mail had been received from the County Customer Care Officer indicating that the problem of loose chippings /poor finish to the spray and chip treatment had occurred at several locations? in the County and was currently? the subject of discussions with the contractor concerned. In due course ,a more detailed response? will be sent to the Parish Council.

16. Planning Matters.
(a) Increased power supply to Home Farm, East Rounton? had been approved.
(b) AppletonWiske ,Wind Farm- Scoping Exercise .There was no further Information at present.
(c)Springhouse Farm Appeal. The appeal had been refused .
d) Horse Shoe Public House ..? The Parish Council had been approached by the executors of the owners estate concerning a possible change of use for the premises.

It was agreed to write to the executors expressing the Parish Councils view that the Horse Shoe Public House ,which is a grade ii listed building ,should retained and attempts made to market? the property as licensed premises and update the facility.

17. Correspondence received since last meeting.

Approximately forty one items of correspondence had been received and dealt with since the last meeting as detailed in annex A.

Items of particular note were the success of Councillor T Swales in the County Council Election and the outcome of the European Parliamentary Elections .

18. Final Accounts 2008/9 and Annual Return.

Members approved (a)? the Statement of accounts and (b) Annual Governance Statement for submission to the external Auditor. The Parish Councils? Internal Auditor had completed his review of internal controls and there were no matters requiring report.

19. First Quarter Accounts? 2009/10 and items for payment.

The first quarter accounts had to be deferred until the next meeting due to lack of statements from Barclays Bank and problems? with the Councils updated bank mandate. Members approved the following items for payment:-

1. Yorkshire Local Councils Association , Annual subscription?? 99.00
2.? R T Semain & co, Internal Audit charge. 60.00
3. Re-imbursement to Clerk for cost of tree from Garden centre. 28.99
4.? Hambleton District Council , Block Insurance costs 100.80
5.? Cash for grass cutting costs up to Sept meeting50.00

20. Adjournment for members of the public to raise matters.

Matters of concern to residents included dog fouling by the local hunt pack hounds, blocked road gullies and overhanging hedges on the public right of way between East and West Rounton The public right of way , which is monitored by the Parish Council ,has now been? grass cut and? the summer hedge? growth trimmed back to provide adequate clearance. The residents concerned with the road gullies and dog fouling were advised on who to contact to initially report? the problems.

21. Any other business.

(a) Councillor Brook asked if? that an area of uncut grass between the West Rounton Village boundary marker and Whitegates nursery could be included in the village grass cutting schedule .There was, however, no budget provision for the work this year and? other similar areas existed for which a precedent might be set .Therefore any improvements would?? have to be considered again as part of next years budget setting process.

(b) Councillor Spencer drew attention to? vehicular speed monitoring equipment which had been used in the villages over the past few weeks . The results of the monitoring showed that the majority of drivers were acting responsibly and within the specified speed limits.

(c ) Councillor Simpson had written to the post Office about the Post Box in East Rounton which had been removed following works by telecom to replace the telephone pole to which it had been fixed. The letter had been acknowledged but a final? response was awaited.( Subsequent to the meeting a further letter from the Post Office has confirmed that the post box will be replaced within the next two months).

Date and Time of next Meeting

Monday 28 th September 2009 at 7.30pm