Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting held on the 25th May 2009 at the Village Hall ,East Rounton.  

Present:  Cllr A Simpson, Cllr C Spencer, Cllr M Brown, Cllr M Brooks, Cllr M Robinson,. Clerk Mr G March., District Cllr B Fortune and four members of the public.  

1.Election of Chairman.                                         Cllr A Simpson                Proposed :    Cllr C Spencer.                                                                                Seconded :   Cllr M Brown.
2. Election of Vice-Chairman.                                          Cllr C Spencer.               Proposed:     Cllr A Simpson.                                                                                Seconded:    Cllr M Brown.  

3. Introduction of new Council members.
    Cllr  M Robinson was introduced as the new member for West Rounton.  

4. Appointment of representatives on outside bodies.
    Cllr M Brooks ; Appleton-Wiske Wind Farm Action Group.
  Mrs M Spencer; Appleton-Wiske Educational Foundation.  

5. Report of the Appleton Wiske Educational Foundation
  The Appleton Wiske Educational Foundation which has supported young people from Appleton Wiske, East Rounton, West Rounton and Picton with grants towards their educational and training has continued to succeed in its role since its formation in 1991. The Trust also provides extra benefits to Appleton Wiske Primary School as part of its remit.    Copies of the full report will be posted on the village notice boards in due course.  

6, New Parish Council Procedures.   The Council Approved new procedures as follows:-
                                                                                  (a) Asset Register.                                                                                 (b) Risk Management .                                                                                 (c) Publication Scheme.                                                                                 (d) Gifts and hospitality.                                                      1 6. Continued   The review of Council procedures had identified that a health and safety problem existed  regarding  a rope swing tied by local children to a tree on the West Rounton Village Green. In order to comply with the requirements   of the Councils  public liability insurance all rope swings will need to be removed in future.Members requested that  prior notification of the removal of the swing be given in the Parish Gazette.                                                    

7.Budget 2009/10 and accounts for payment.   The Council Approved the probable/actual budget for 2009/10 and accounts for payment as detailed below;-  
1. Re-imbursement to Clerk for Dell printer ink cartridge                       £ 18-49
2. Materials cost for preservative treatment of seats, decking                                                                   and notice boards.                    £30-00
3. Interim cash payment Village Green grass cutting.                              £ 30-00
4. Village Hall Committee; room hire up to June 09.                              £ 54-00  

8. Appointment of Internal Auditor / Audit programme/and payments.
   The Council  Approved  R T Semain as the Internal Auditor for 2009/10 at an hourly rate of £25-00(plus sundry expenses),also the proposed audit programme as  recommended.  

The Council Agreed to renew its subscription to the Yorkshire Local Councils Association for 2009/10 ,-subject to  adequate budget provision.  

10. Any Other Business.
  The Clerk drew attention to correspondence from CE Electric UK who are trying to establish a register of priority  customers who may  require special attention in the event of power cuts. It was suggested that the basis of the request and telephone number to obtain the necessary registration forms be published in the next available Parish Gazette.   The next ordinary quarterly meeting of the Council will be held on Monday 29 June 2009at 7.30pm.   Prior to the meeting at 7.00pm a tree will be planted in the grounds of the Village Hall by  the former  Parish Council Chairman Mr Derek Lawton in recognition of his twenty plus years of service to the local community. Anyone who has known or worked with  Derek during his  time as Chairman and  Parish Councillor is  welcome to attend .                                                               2