Minutes of the meeting held on the 8 December 2008 at 7.30PM  

Present:  Cllr D Lawton: Chairman.                 Cllr A  Simpson : Vice Chairman. Cllr C Spencer, Cllr M Brown, Cllr M Brook, Clerk Mr G March. County Cllr T Swales (part meeting) and six members of the public.  

32  Apologies for absence   District  Cllr B Fortune.  

33.  Chairman’s  Announcements / Declarations of interest.  
(a)   There were no declarations of interest.  
(b) After  twenty years of service to the local community the Chairman announced his intention to stand down  both as Head of the Council and as a  local Parish Councillor with immediate effect .In his final report to the Council he congratulated  Appleton Wiske on it’s continued success in the “ Villages in Bloom “ Competition and also the “Root’s Farm Shop” following its recent launch as a new rural business.    

34.   Minutes of the last meeting held 8 September 2008.  
The minutes of the meeting held on the 8 September , copies of which had previously been circulated to members were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.  

35.  Matters Arising.  
Item 26.   The Chairman had  met with the Community Link Officer at Hambleton District Council  and a provisional offer of financial and other assistance had given to the Parish Council towards the production of a Parish Plan. Examples of some  other recently completed plans had  been forwarded to the Clerk and would be considered by the members in due course.  
Item28.  The Parish Council `s application  to the  Yorkshire Training Agency for a  bursary  towards the cost of the “Working with your  Council ”training package had  been accepted. The  Parish Council`s contribution to the costs had ,however been increased to £50.00.  
Item30.  A letter concerning the poor condition of some of the carved script on the East Rounton War memorial had been sent to the Bell Estate at Arncliffe Hall and a response was awaited.  

36.  Planning Matters  (annex A )   The Council noted the position regarding the planning applications listed  1-8 in annex A.  

37.  Financial Statement and accounts for payment (annex B )   The Council Received the financial statement for the third quarter 2008/9 and approved the accounts for payment as laid out in annex  B.  

38.  Correspondence Received Since Last Meeting (annex C)   The Council noted the correspondence received  since the last meeting ,in particular, the Hambleton  District Council Community  plan and Corporate Plan. Also the North Yorkshire County Council Strategy for Local Communities document.      

39.  Final Accounts 2007/8 and External Audit Report. The external audit report had not as yet been returned and consequently, this item was deferred until the next meeting.  

40.  Draft Revenue Estimates 2009/10 and proposed Parish Council Precept (annex D ).   The Council Approved the draft  revenue estimates as detailed in annex d and a proposed  Council precept of £900.00 for the 2009/10 financial year.  

41 .  Freedom of Information Act : Model Publication Scheme and Schedule of Charges.   The Council Resolved to adopt the Model publication scheme as prepared by the Information Commissioners Office and the Clerk was Authorised to complete the  guide to information available and  schedule of charges for publication.  

42.  Adjournment  for members of the Public to raise matters.   A member of the public  queried the provision of salt grit bins at the new A19 flyover  slip roads where difficulties could be expected  during icy weather conditions. This issue had already been drawn to the attention of the County Council and the roads had been included in the priority A road gritting programme for treatment between 4.30am and 7.30 am each day  when appropriate.  

43. Any other Business.   Councillor Brooks drew attention to the unauthorised  directional signs which had been installed at East Rounton . These signs were the subject of discussions between the County Council and business interests  in  Welbury. It is anticipated that a new County Council road sign will be provided  and the unauthorised signs removed in the near future.    Councillor Brooks also expressed concern about  local residents  driving too fast through the Villages and about  unsightly litter / bottles been  left in  local hedgerows. It was suggested that an entry in the  monthly Church Gazette might assist to deter future incidents.  

Date and Time of next meeting.   Monday 9th  March at 7.30PM.                                                                                                                

SIGNED -----------------------------------------------------__