Notes of the 32nd AGM of East and West Rounton Parish Council on 3 March 2008

Present: Parish Cllrs Lawton, Spencer and Brown Cllrs Tim Swales, Bridget Fortune Eight members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllr Anne Simpson

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 6th March 2007
Minutes agreed and signed. Matters arising previously dealt with.

3. Financial Report
Income: Total £602.95 Precept £400, NYCC Grass cutting £135 Interest £67.95
Outgoings: Total £509.84 Insurance £163.80, Accounts & Audit £142.25 Grass cutting £135, Misc £49.94
Cash balance £21.68 Bank Balance £5717.79 final accounts will be sent to the auditors, Mazzars after the financial year end.

4. Chairmans Report
Attended various meetings to push HA for A19 bridge, and also the W Rounton village green proposal. Good working relationship with NYCC & HDC. Two parish councillors stood down in the past year and new ones will take their place. Thanks to Anne Simpson for taking the minutes & Ann Lawton for typing and also to all the parish councillors for their support during this year. (Full version available from Chairman).

5. Election of Officers
Chairman: Derek Lawton, proposed Martin Brown, seconded Chris Spencer
ViceChair: Anne Simpson, proposed Derek Lawton, seconded Chris Spencer
Parish councillor vacancy open to anyone, two candidates for one vacancy. Mike Brook and Glen March. After a vote Mike Brook joined Parish Council. Glen March was offered the position of Parish Clerk and said he would think about it.

6. Report on Appleton Wiske Trust by Margaret Spencer
Last meeting 21/1/08 sought advice of IFA Geoff Bellwood but not convinced to change from existing low risk investment portfolio. Serious challenge to trusts geographically based founding deeds by a lady from Welbury. The trust exists to fund children from the villages of Appleton Wiske, Rountons and Picton according to the founding trust deed. Help from Cllr Tim Swales to get legal advice and as a result all ex gratia payements stopped. Fund is oversubscribed therefore the Trust tries to avoid eating into capital. Disproportionate funding of U11 ~66% but trust allows for grants up to age 25. Capital approx £227k with grants totalling £14k including £3k for music and £2k for Higher Education. Also trust owns various musical instruments. Seeking opinions on whether or not to open it up to all scholars at AW school (existing situation is causing friction with Welbury residents). General view was that given the financial situation cannot afford to broaden scope.

7. Minutes of 3 December 2007 & Matters arising.
Lack of signage to Rountons. New sign from NYCC erected at Back Lane/York Street, sign from Stockton Council for A.67 ordered but awaiting next year's funding. Dog fouling - new bins have improved situation Speeding cars - police not prepared to support slow signs in the village. Derek Lawton invited community policeman to meeting but no reply. Chairman to write to NY Police again. Minutes agreed and signed.

8. Financial Expenditure
West Rounton noticeboard - legs rotten. Alan Wilson to repair new legs in concrete footings for £75. Proposed Martin Brown, Seconded Derek Lawton
Mazzars reselected as auditors. Not VAT registered but might be able to still reclaim some VAT back (approx £180). Ron Semain investigating this.

9. Planning
Two Applications received very recently: Sir John Bell - remove a hedge on N side of field where A19 bridge will go. No objections
Mr Morris, Malibu Trenholme Bar. Extension to rear of existing dwelling. No objections
Approval also granted since Dec for Sun lounge at Stonecrop W Rounton.
Query from 2 residents of WhiteHouse Wynd about planning permission for roof lights added to White House Farm. New build alteration to roof requires planning permission but it is a permitted development for older properties according to Helen Laws from the Planning Department.

10. Correspondence
Various brochures. Info on winter gritting. Northallerton Voluntary Community Forum AGM minutes and stakeholder info on HDC carpark charges. Cllr Tim Swales explained carpark charges are in and meetings are only to fix the price.

11. Black Swan Bridge
Maintain regular contact with Mandy Foster. Another slight delay for contractual negotiations - yes still on but work will not start before Easter. Hedges and some trees grubbed out last week so signs of progress. Mandy Foster from the Highways Agency confirms bridge still on schedule, to be completed late August.

12. Village Green
Approach made to Parish Council after fence was put up by new owner of WhiteHouse Farm and original garden wall removed. Land registry search showed this land to be unregistered and so an application was made to have it incorporated into the village green after a unanimous vote at the PC meeting of 4th June 2007. Decided to proceed one step at a time until ownership situation becomes clear. The information is now with the County Council to make a decision probably within the next fortnight. It may go to a public enquiry where both sides will be able to present their case. NYCC pay for this stage if they choose this route. There were 4 letters of objection and 14 letters of support for this proposal. So far no deeds for the land in question have been produced by anybody. Mr Elstob spoke and said that he had been advised that the application is invalidated because a Parish Councillor signed it who should not have done.

13. AOB
PCC requested repair of footpath near St Lawrence church E Rounton. Chairman wrote to County Council and was informed no money this year and probably not next year either. Chris Spencer suggested sending a footpath repair card on the defective pavement.
Crime Figures : November - 12 (3 violent, 4 auto, 3 burglary) December - 5 January - 2
Thank you letter received from Colin Hinton. Letter of resignation from Cllr Angus Gaudie (will send him blue form).
County Cllr Tim Swales explained about new online early warning of criminal acts using internet website trialing at Ingleby & Harlsey now. Suggested a joint PC meeting across the area to see how it could work for us locally.More details from Peter Archer (clerk of council)
HDC letter reminding councillors to declare any personal interest in PC business

14. Date of Next Meeting

Provisionally fixed for 9 June 2008.
Meeting Closed 20.41
Cllr Martin Brown 5 March 2008