Rountons Festival – Opening Ceremony

East Rounton – Arts and Crafts ‘model village’ with architecture by Philip Webb

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) – arabist, historian, archaeologist, mountaineer, gardener, poet and diplomat

Throughout: Flower Festival in St Lawrence Church, East Rounton; displays in East Rounton Village Hall

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Alexe Finlay (contralto) sings
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Rt Revd Robert Ladds, Bishop of Whitby opens the Flower festival

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References for the talk on the life of Gertrude Bell presented by Rev Ashley Wilson 9th September 2005

Huge archive of moderate quality JPEGs of all aspects of her travel and life but very few shots of her. She was the photographer and a good one at that - tropical conditions and photographic emulsions do not always get on (moulds etc).

Desert Queen , Janet Wallach (recently reprinted)

Gertrude Bell, H V F Winstone, London 1978

Gertrude Bell, M R Ridley, London 1943

Gertrude Bell 1889-14 vol I, E Burgoyne, London 1958

Gertrude Bell 1914-26 vol II, E Burgoyne, London 1961

Gertrude Bell , Anne Tibble, London 1958

We have an affilate link to and if you buy through our link a small donation will be made to the village hall. Most of these books are available from time to time second hand and some are still in print.

Florence Bell also wrote a fair number of books. A bibliography of her work is online at Library Thing. Most of these are out of print. The sole exception is At the Works: Study of a Manufacturing Town, Middlesbrough There is a copy of this book in Yarm public library.

More general books on Philip Webb, William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement are below

Books about The Rountons and Welbury are publisher locally by Mike O'Caroll, Garden House Press, Garden House, Welbury as part of the millenium project. They are available from Amazon but please order direct from the publisher if you can.