Star Gazing     7th August 2013

This web page contains a selection of interesting sites, software and books for the casual observer to accompany the occasional stargazing talks held at Rountons Village Hall.
Most of the software is free although the recommended books are not.

Free star charting software

This software plots a map of the night sky and will help you to identify the stars and planets.
  PC Stellarium
  Android StarDroid
  Apple iTunes AppStore > Education > First Light ‘Distant Suns (lite)’
  Web Monthly Charts
also consider
  Apple  iTunes AppStore > Education > Redshift - Astronomy (£7.99)


If you want to take it further then these books provide some background to observing and recommend objects to look at.
 Cambridge Star Atlas Amazon: The-Cambridge-Star-Atlas-Tirion
 Nortons Star Atlas Amazon: Nortons-Star-Atlas-Ian-Ridpath
 Turn Left at Orion Amazon: Turn-Left-Orion-Hundreds-Telescope

Things to look at

There are plenty of things to look at in the night sky which varies with the time of year. Faint objects look best when there is no moon.
These links provide a selection of the more interesting things to look at either with the naked eye, binoculars or a small telescope.
One quick safety warning you should never look at the sun through a telescope or binoculars (risk of permanent eye damage).

Near Earth Observations
  Satellites Heavens Above (for Rounton 54.42N, 1.35W local time)
  Iridium Flares Heavens Above (predictions for next seven days at Rounton)
  Meteors Major Meteor Showers
  Aurora Aurora Watch UK/
  Noctilucent Clouds Atmospheric Optics
  Rainbows Rainbows

Solar System Observations
NASA SOHO realtime images
Moon map
Mercury chasers guide
Phases of Venus
Sky & Telescope - observing Mars
Sky & Telescope - observing Jupiter and the Great Red Spot
Sky & Telescope - observing Saturn_& its moons
Sky & Telescope - finding Uranus
Sky & Telescope - finding Neptune
 Comets Visible now

Deep Space Galaxies, Nebulae & Star Clusters
  Pretty colour double stars Easy double stars for a telescope
  Orion Nebula Free star charts - M42
  Hercules Globular Cluster Free star charts - M13
  Perseus Double Cluster Free star charts - Double Cluster
  Andromeda Galaxy Free star charts - M31
  Messier Objects
  Caldwell Objects
  NGC Objects